What Doing Honours Is Really Like


I’m talking science honours in particular here..

  1. Firstly, the fact that I started this little blog thing pretty much a year ago with the intention to publish weekly, and haven’t once, is evidence (insert citation here hah) of how much I underestimated the whole honours thing.
  2.  Your cute little schedule you plan out at the start of the year in your beautiful diary will not be stuck to – so be careful planning big events around due dates.
  3. This one is more of a piece of advice. Don’t book two holidays during your honours year. Apparently we don’t have holidays and you actually have to continuously work on your project gathering evidence etc. the whole time… learnt that one the tough way.
  4. Other scientists at uni will make every effort to tear your project apart and make you feel stupid. They have to do this and it will make your project better in the long run, but it will also make you cry..likely doing the Q&A of your research proposal presentation..when everyone is watching. Learn to hold your own and be ready for tough questions.
  5. Your experiments may fail. Be ready.
  6. Working in a job over the last six months is a struggle. Try to avoid it if you can.
  7. As in marathons you will at some stage hit ‘the wall’ Its usually just after the half way mark, maybe month 8 or 9, but it will hit and you will cry. Wine helps. (Drink responsibly)
  8. Handing in a thesis may not give you the euphoria people tell you about, for me it was more gradual and took about a week. Initially I was full of worry and stress that I had definitely proof read everything, had attached every graph, that my formatting was good etc. Then in the following days I still didn’t quite relax, almost feeling guilty for not working. But then it hits you eventually and OH MY GOD IT’S THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!
  9. Like people say about childbirth – You forget the pain and have another child. For now, my second child is an additional six months to upgrade to a Masters Degree. Studying does weird things to you…


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