Five Tips For Starting Uni


I feel like when I started uni there were so many of these posts. They would tell you to ask for help if you need it, to join clubs and make sure to stay up today with readings. That’s all great, but here are a few extra tips that you may not have thought of that I wish I knew right away!

1) You don’t have lots of free time just because your timetable says so

If you are starting uni fresh from school, your timetable will most likely look incredible! A class here, a few classes there all with huge breaks everywhere! I definitely fell into this trap of thinking that if my classes were done by 11am then I was done. You are not done, and most of the time you spend doing work will be outside these class times.

2) Bring snacks

I found that I often had classes than ran back to back over lunchtime, so I totally recommend bringing snacks to quickly scoff between classes as you might not get a lunch. Popping an apple or granola bar into your bag is super simple and it will help save the dosh. Uni food is super expensive! Let’s avoid the whale noises coming from our stomachs during silent moments in class.

3) Make Study Groups

When I first started uni I wasn’t all keen on studying in groups. The work was bearable enough to do by myself and I was able to get by. But uni gets harder and now I am all for sharing the workload so everyone benefits. Even just explaining concepts to one another made a huge difference to my learning. It’s also a nice way to meet new people.

4) Don’t be intimidated by professors or tutors

Although you may feel out of your comfort zone, remember that uni is not like high school. You are now an adult and if you feel you are being treated unfairly, or not like an adult, speak up. Don’t be obnoxious or rude as these people will be in charge of your grade, but if they aren’t holding up their end of the deal you can talk to somebody about it. Remember you are paying lots of money to be at uni so you are entitled to be treated fairly.

5) Dress nicely

Okay this might be a bit of a meh for some people but hear me out! Of course if you want to wear tracksuit pants and a hoodie to uni you are more than welcome to! Just keep in mind especially in your later years, that you could be spending more time with your professors and they may be more likely to respect you if you look neat and tidy. i.e. no food crumbs in your hair. You may have on the spot meetings or have opportunities to network with potential employers so I think it’s better to be prepared. I’m not saying you have to be super well dressed, black jeans and neat top will always look better than booty shorts..




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