Fake Tan For People Who Hate Fake Tan


So, I have a dilemma.

Okay it’s not major! But I have pale skin, super pale, which I have to say I am slowly coming to terms with. After years of getting the odd burn here and there and being disappointed when I am left with a tan of freckles, I have admitted defeat of ever being naturally bronzed.

Naturally, as a fellow pasty gal, I have tried my fair share of fake tan, creams, moose’s, gels gradual tans, wash off tans, body butter glows, you name it!

However, I feel like these companies are totally missing the point. Pale people are the ones wanting a bit of a glow, so why not make the colour, well, not orange. I just want something to take away the blue tinge of my legs! I have only wanted a hit of colour, which I have never been able to find…until now!

Self-tanning lotions aside from my colour battle with them, tend to have, well, a smell. Almost like a cookie but weird. There’s nothing worse than getting a whiff of that tan smell when you are all dressed up, feeling and looking fabulous and thinking… ‘Oh no, who else can smell my tan?’… Not to mention the whole patchy legs for days as your tan fades, or you bed sheets trying to get in on the action and get bronzed up too. Not good!

But I think I’ve hit a turning point, leg makeup. Now now don’t be too quick to judge! I’m talking about Sally Hansens airbrushed legs, (In the lightest shade of course!).

This stuff when you first spray it can look horrifyingly dark slash maybe a little green?  But don’t fear! I find mixing a blob of moisturizer with it (something not too thick) makes it blend seamlessly. It is definitely buildable which is great if you prefer a little more colour, rather that it just evening out you skin tone.

Now, I would still recommend the usual fake tan prep, of exfoliation and plenty of moisturizer to make sure there are no dry patches for it to cling to!

And the best bit? I quick shower and the stuff comes right off and you are back to your normal translucent skinned self! Ahh isn’t that comforting!


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